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Munch moderately, move more

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7 weeks, 12 kgs down! That feels so great to say! It’s fantastic seeing people that I haven’t seen for a while. Special mention goes to a good friend, Pieter, who made my day on Thursday with his comment: “Where are you disappearing to Jenna??”. Ahh Piet! Even the kids at school are starting to notice and that’s pretty cool!

It hasn’t always been easy, but we knew it wouldn’t be from the start. Hey, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it! A couple of things have changed though… I no longer like the look of cream based sauces. I far prefer fish to fatty cuts of meat. I don’t even consider getting the jelly babies and the likes that line the isle of temptation at the shops. Chocolate is a nice-to-have rather than a can’t-live-without. Sugar in tea is repulsive. And I have learnt to “just say no” on most occasions when presented with unhealthy options.

Note that I said “most occasions”. That has been a very important factor for me. I would not be standing here 7 weeks down the line and 12kgs lighter if I had not allowed myself a few “cheats” – simply because I would not have gone through with it. The way I see it, I am changing my lifestyle not going on a diet, and lifestyle is about balance. We have to have the not-so-healthy with the healthy. Sure, because the goal here is to lose weight, I try to have a lot less not-so-healthy options, but at least I can still have them!

Many people have asked me about my approach. It’s simple. Munch moderately, move more. I eat smaller portions and when I do eat I aim for fresh – not processed foods. I try to have protein at every meal – important when you’re trying not to lose muscle mass. I try not to eat carbs at night, as there is no time for your body to process and use all that energy. Water and rooibos tea with no sugar are the only two drinks I have – not even diet sodas are welcome as they cause havoc with your body. I also avoid coffee, mainly because I still can’t get my head around coffee without sugar, although I do have it on the odd occasion.

One other thing I have done to boost my motivation has been one week with carbs and one week without. The way this works is in every 2 week cycle I have 5 – 7 days without carbs. On these days I basically follow the 17 Day Diet cycle 1 and I don’t allow myself any cheats at all. It offers a rapid weight loss (1-2kgs in the 5 days) that boosts morale. It also makes me appreciate the avocado or low GI roll even more when I do have it on a carb day.

As for the move more, I try to get some form of exercise in daily – whether it be a quick lap around the school grounds, taking a long walk or dancing on the Wii. This week the goal is to return to regular gym sessions.

All in all it has been an interesting 7 weeks. While I am 12kgs down, I would still like to lose another 28kgs, so I still have a bit of a way to go. I’m okay with that. In general, I try to focus on how far I have come, rather than what is left.

Happy moving and munching!


The Big Fat Truth

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A wise woman once said: “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the key to losing weight is to eat less and move more”.

While I am proud to say that after 6 days on the 17 day diet, I am down 2,8 kgs, I have come to realise I need to get moving and shaking in order to shift the weight! After all, it’s not just the calories your burn while doing the workout, but also the lean muscle you build that increases your metabolism for future fat burning.

With this in mind, I have made 2 big changes to my movement regimen, in the form of 2 Wii games.For those living in the dark ages, the Wii is a console that allows you to play games on your TV using a wireless remote that tracks your movements.

The first of the 2 games is EA Sports Wii Active 2. This game allows you to create a profile including your height and weight. You can then either participate in a 3 or 9 week training programme that is tailored to suit your needs, or you can create your own programme from a wide variety of exercises. The game comes with a heart rate monitor that you strap to your arm, and a movement tracker that you strap to your thigh (both wireless). The game uses the feedback from these two sensors to calculate the number of calories you burn in your workout. This information can be stored on the flash drive that comes with your game and analysed on the computer. You follow a personal trainer on the screen who provides feedback on whether or not you’re doing the exercises correctly. It’s a great workout! It really gets your heart rate going! BT Games has a special on at the moment, and it was marked down from R1000 to R299 included all the necessary gadgets.

The second game is one that was introduced to me by a friend. It’s called Just Dance 2. Here you follow the figure on the screen through a variety of moves and hit songs. Choose to battle against a friend or just sweat it out by yourself. It’s so much fun that you lose track of time! I did about 16 different dances today! Yes you might look like a bit of a fool in the beginning, but that’s part of the enjoyment!

The plan is to use at least one of these programs 5 times a week.

Happy moving and shaking!